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MASTER 520 open

Rubber boat Master 520 open with a 4-stroke engine Yamaha F60 of the new generation, characterised by low fuel consumption and quiet operation. This rubber boat is especially suitable for water skiing, aquaplaning and tubing. The highest speed is 40 knots. The boat has got Croatian navigation permission, concession, and all the required equipment.

The rental of the rubber boat is possible on a weekly basis. The boat can be collected and returned on Saturdays (you can collect the boat at 5 pm and return it until noon). You collect the boat in the water, where we can show you how to handle it if necessary. At your request the boat can be delivered to your preferred location. The price for transferring the boat by sea is negotiable.


Length5,42 m
2,40 m
No. of chambers
Max persons
75 L
Engine Yamaha F60 Hp, gas


Ferry timetables, restaurant recommendations, weather forecasts, directions to nice beaches, directions to marinas and boat pumps, a list of the most beautiful sailing routes, emergency contacts, sailing etiquette.

You can find out about all these and more on the useful information link.



All our boats are fully equipped and prepared for sailing at all times. Besides the basic accessories such as life jackets, very lights and first aid kit, there are also paddles and mats included in the equipment. We can provide water skis, aquaplanes, or water tubes for even greater enjoyment. You can see the photos of the boats in the photo gallery.


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Send us your enquiry and we will be happy to send you a competitive offer for the boat and rubber boat rental in the shortest time possible. There are more than 10 excellently equipped vessels at our disposal that can be rented out. Check out our offer or send us your contact information and we will help you choose the best one for you.

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